Like great literature, technology must empathise with the human condition.


My career began offering IT Services to small businesses and individuals in the Nashoba Valley region under the name “BoltonComputing” when I was twelve.

While lucrative, the work did little to satiate my creative desires. Having dabbled in TI-BASIC for several years, a recommendation for Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs soon had me cranking out Scheme. I joined my first startup, Aptium, three years later.

Since then, I've helped to put people in control of their work tools at Podio, reinvent real estate search at Estately, organise the world's information at Google, and made note-taking better for tens of millions of Microsoft OneNote users.

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I majored in English Language and Literature with a Concentration in British Novel of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century at the University of Washington. My focus was Distance Reading, the application of computational methods to the study of literature.

I worked with the Internet-Based User Experience Lab and Balance Study research groups in the Department of Human Centred Design & Engineering.

selected projects

An inveterate hackathon participant, I also contribute to open source on GitHub. My work has been featured by
HuffPo, Forbes, Mashable, GeekWire, and the The Daily UW.