Like great literature, technology must empathise with the human condition.


Currently, I enjoy working on distributed systems, with a focus on analytics and data infrastructure. Having learned to program with SICP, I have a fondness for functional languages. You can usually find me writing Clojure, Scala, or Emacs Lisp.

In the past, I've worked on large Rails, Flask, and Sinatra codebases developing back-end services and APIs. Though familiar with JavaScript, most of my familiarity with the front-end ecosystem comes from ClojureScript.

Curiosity piqued? See my resume, or read about recent work on my blog.


I majored in English Language and Literature with a Concentration in British Novel of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century at the University of Washington and graduated Spring '14. My focus was Distance Reading, the application of computational methods to the study of literature.

selected projects

An inveterate hackathon participant, I also contribute to open source on GitHub. My work has been featured by
HuffPo, Forbes, Mashable, GeekWire, and the The Daily UW.