eww-reload-on-save – Hot Reloading for eww

5. September 2020

I frequently use eww and shr-mode when writing blog posts and HTML email to confirm layout and formatting is accessible to text-only user agents. Having grown enamored with hot reloading after developing ClojureScript apps with Figwheel, I wanted to create a similar workflow for writing, and have now released a package that does exactly that:

eww-reload-on-save is a minor mode that will refresh an eww buffer whenever a non-eww buffer in which the mode is active is saved.

You can change the buffer to be reloaded with eww-reload-on-save-choose-eww-buffer, and optionally increase the post-save delay before the target eww buffer is reloaded by changing the value of eww-reload-on-save-delay-seconds - the latter’s default can also be altered with customize.