nick barnwell


PM Lead II - Onboarding + Developer Experience, May '16 – Present

  • Lead team charged with redesigning OneNote's new/first-time user experience for Windows, Web, iOS, Mac, and Android
  • Managed development and release of new in-app APIs for third-party developers


Data PM II, September '15 –April '16

  • PM for nine person engineering team building and maintaining OneNote's user analytics platform, experimentation infrastructure, and data products
  • Lead teamwide adoption of user analytics tools across mobile, desktop, and web clients, from zero to several hundred million events/day. Wrote and maintained training materials, prosetylised value to product engineering organisation, helped build culture of data-driven decision making
  • Championed and piloted new instrumentation and experimentation platforms. Enabled PM and Engineering organisations to easily perform split tests, control feature exposure, and understand user behaviour


PM, May '14 – August '15

  • Spearheaded design and development of OneNote experience on (presently) unlaunched hardware for developing markets
  • Incubated and released OneNote's Android Wear app (Microsoft's first), Microsoft Band integration
  • Contributed to feature design, business development, and evangelism for OneNote REST API

Tea With Strangers

Technical Co-founder, April '14 – May '15

  • Built MVP, grew product to tens of thousands of users. #3 on HN
  • Recruited new maintainers and coordinated community contributions and PRs
  • Project featured in Forbes, HuffPo, The Bold Italic, The Harvard Crimson and more


PM Intern, June – September '13

  • Designed & prototyped features for OneNote Service API v1
  • Placed second in intern hackathon with Elect


SWE Intern, June – September '12

  • Designed and prototyped improvements to internal Knowledge Management System UX


SWE Intern, August '11 – Mar '12

  • Rewrote transit search backend, improving performance by several orders of magnitude
  • Designed and implemented features, bug fixed, and generally made the product better


SWE Intern, February – July '11

  • Worked with lead developer to expand integration platform
  • Provided support and guidance to third party API developers
  • Developed and maintained Python API client